Vegan Delights Near Saint Michel – Paris

Hello My food lovers. Today we have a mini Review edition of a little restaurant that is now my favorite. I am not a vegetarian or vegan personbut boy i wouldn’t mind being one if I got to eat like that everyday. Today’s featured restaurant is «  Le grenier de notre Dame »      … Continue reading Vegan Delights Near Saint Michel – Paris


Have you ever tasted Belgian foodies?

Hellooo my fellow jollies , As most of you know I was currently in Brussels, Belgium with my travel buddy aka Wendelle from Hello-crepuscule. During that trip, I had one objective, which was to :  taste all the Belgian deliciousness that everyone is always talking about. In my list I had Belgian traditional Waffles , Belgian… Continue reading Have you ever tasted Belgian foodies?


Our New Concept !!!

Hello my fellow food lovers ! I know I have been M.I.A for the Past six month and am BACKKKK !!! I want your complete attention on the food or available services therefor , My Posts wont be  LONG paragraphs on things you probably  wont remember.   I will try my best to give as much… Continue reading Our New Concept !!!


Transportation System in Buenos Aires , Argentina

After living here for 6 month I can finally say I master the transportation system here. This article is for all my fellow foreigners , exchange students or anybody coming here for the first time and wondering how the transportation system works and how to get around the city. Below is a list of common… Continue reading Transportation System in Buenos Aires , Argentina


Hot weather equals YOGURT MANIA

The food spot for this week is YOGURT MANIA !!! I discovered it on the big Avenida de santa fe in Recoleta. I have been seeing this Yogurt place for a while now and always wanted to try it out but Each time something came in between ; money , time and my worst enemy… Continue reading Hot weather equals YOGURT MANIA


The Taco Box

You are in Buenos aires Argentina , 9 p.m and you are Craving some Mexican food But don’t have a clue of where you will find a restaurant open at that time ? well this article is for you. Mexican Restaurant in Belgrano the “TACO BOX”   I can’t believe you guys are back for… Continue reading The Taco Box


Homemade Cannelloni right in the heart of Palermo

If you are a pasta fan like I am and by chance are wandering in the streets of palermo in Buenos Aires . I know the perfect place to grab some fresh , homemade Cannelloni ! When traveling, I  tend to enter restaurants around me without looking at reviews and honestly so far I have… Continue reading Homemade Cannelloni right in the heart of Palermo